Review the prospect’s customer journey

1. Create an account at

Hotjar is a user experience monitoring software that allows you to record user activity and display it using heatmaps, recordings, feedback, and surveys. You can use the information collected by Hotjar to investigate and troubleshoot the user experience on your website. Free accounts are available with limited features.

2. Paste Hotjar code into the tags of your page.

Navigate to Tracking in Hotjar, grab the code and install it on your website. Once installed, verify the installation in Hotjar by pasting your website URL into the required field. Once installed, configure Hotjar to create heat maps, recordings, surveys and feedback forms.

3. Use your preferred method to drive traffic to your site and watch the page session recordings to see if your page visitors are facing any issues on your landing page or checkout.

Plan a monitoring period, monitoring targets, split test the results, and measure the conversion rate. If you are not getting conversions, check the page sessions and see if there are any issues on your landing page and troubleshoot them.

4. Use the data collected to analyze the user experience of your site.

If visitors are not interacting with your site in the way you would prefer, try small changes to redirect the users behavior and continue to analyze new data from Hotjar to measure your success.