Reduce SaaS churn

1. Use your CMS analytics to create a description of your Ideal User.

Include characteristics like the number of logins per week, the amount of time spent on a task, average session time, or other factors that contribute to the success of your best users.

2. Create an onboarding process with a guided product tour that emphasizes your software benefits.

Include a progress bar so the client understands the scope and pace.

3. Send a personalized message to clients who did not complete their first session.

Include information about resources, best practices, and provide options for support through email, voice or video chat.

4. Provide software customization options so clients can have a personalized look and feel.

For example, Facebook Login provides users with instant access to their customized network, while Jira allows clients to decide between Scrum, Kanban, or Unique Flavor to establish their agile workflow.

5. Send clients weekly or monthly email check-ins to encourage product engagements.

Highlight education and usability by exploring ways the client can better use your service.

6. Send email to long term clients with details about product upgrades and improved features.

7. Include tips, guides, and success stories on your product site to display the value of your service.

8. Incorporate a social media tool like Fomo to show real-time customer interactions.

9. Ask for feedback when a client leaves using a short survey, and offer departing clients a discount for future services.

Use the survey information to improve your services and avoid losing clients.