Recycle content

1. Rewrite white paper sections as blog posts.

You do not have to rewrite sections fully, you just need to make the content flow well in a blog post format. Chop the white paper sections up into different pieces depending on the main ideas. Include SEO keywords around the topic as heading level 2 and throughout the content.

2. Rewrite ebook chapters as blog posts.

Include SEO keywords around the topic as heading level 2 and throughout the content.

3. Expand FAQ lists into blog posts.

Write detailed answers to your organization’s frequently asked questions as blog posts. Each question could be its own blog post which include SEO keywords around the topic. Use the question as a heading 1 in the blog post and optimize the question as a search query by summarizing the answer under the heading 2 as a bulleted list.

4. Create a how-to video on YouTube based on an FAQ blog post.

Use the blog title as the video title and use SEO keywords in the video description.

5. Edit old content to include new content and search terms.

Edit the content to include updated search terms and add additional sections for new ideas or technology around the topic. Modify the publication date to read, Updated [today’s date].

6. Create a content pillar page or a web page that covers the overall topic in depth and links to the clusters of related content.

Format as a bulleted list and use SEO keywords in level 2 headings. Summarize blog topics by writing a short paragraph under these headings. Cover or tease the page you are linking to. Use SEO keywords as hyperlinks to blog posts for more information.

7. Share blog posts on social media.

Rewrite content snippets from the blog post as your social media post. Use an image from the blog post and also include relevant social media hashtags. Use a tool like Twitonomy to insert an industry leaders Twitter handle and get an analysis of the different relevant hashtags they use. All Hashtag is a tool that helps you generate and see the best hashtags for your brand.

8. Summarize blog content to answer a question on Quora.

Use SEO keywords in the answer and include a hyperlink to the blog post for more information.

9. Summarize blog content to write a post on Reddit.

Search Reddit to identify appropriate Subreddits and familiarize yourself with their rules. Choose an SEO keyword relevant to the blog content as the title.  Summarize the blog post in a few paragraphs as the Reddit post body.  Pull the specific actionable tips out of the explanation and into steps the reader can take.  Include a hyperlink to the blog post for more information.