Recover abandoned carts

1. Use retargeting advertisements to emphasize customer satisfaction perks your company offers.

For example, highlight free shipping, live support, or free return shipping. According to Deloitte, 20% of consumers believe free shipping is the top reason to shop with a particular retailer.

2. Use a service like Retargeter to run a campaign leveraging banner ads, video, and sidebar advertising that repeat customer satisfaction perks.

For example, if your customer abandons a cart to watch a YouTube video, your ad information will be on that page highlighting your best customer satisfaction features.

3. Retarget cart abandoners by offering a subscription to your loyalty program.

This will help turn them into repeat customers through a first- (and every-) time purchase discount. Loyalty program members spend an average of 13% more, and increase annual visits up to 20%. If a low-price cart abandoner starts searching for a bargain, but instead finds value in your loyalty program, you greatly improve your chances for future repeat purchases.

4. Combine call tracking, ad retargeting, and click-to-call advertising to emphasize over-the-phone ordering and sales support after someone abandons their cart.

This helps to reduce the friction online shopping creates by lacking the human interaction.

5. Make a specialized call tracking number available after abandonment that routes to a specialist.

This specialist should be able to answer product questions, make recommendations, and upsell items related to the abandoned product. This can help with abandonment of higher-priced carts, as inbound calls are 10-15x more likely to convert web leads.

6. Use click-to-call solutions to resolve billing and purchasing issues in real time.

For example, 71% of customers are concerned about businesses having their credit card information. Live human contact builds trust.

7. Send recovery emails that include names and images of the abandoned items, product reviews, links to recommended products, and customer satisfaction reminders.

Customer satisfaction reminders might include information about your satisfaction guarantees, return and shipping policies, and any price-match programs.

8. Turn your recovery emails into an automated, well-timed, 3-step sequence.

For example: The first email is sent within 30 minutes of an abandoned cart, reminding the visitor of all guarantees and FAQs. The second email is sent 23 hours after and offers a 10% discount. The third email is sent 4 days after abandonment and offers a 20% discount.

9. Use abandoned cart tools such as CartStack, Rejoiner, Qualaroo, Live Recover, or OptinMonster to help get everything in order.

Your choice will depend on which platform you use. Some ecommerce platforms have their own extensions built in.