Reconnect keyword data to on-site behavior

1. Install Finteza, a platform that can track the search queries your organic users ran to end up on your site.

Finteza will start collecting and showing data immediately after you install the script.

2. Access your traffic-driving keywords on Finteza, go to the Sources > Search > Search keyword.

This data allows you to identify your best performing keywords.

3. Create a report with the number of conversions for a selected event such as signing up to a newsletter or making a purchase.

An event is a goal that you want to track on your website. Click Events to access the list of all on-site actions you’re tracking, such as signing up to your newsletter. Select one of the events by clicking it. Head back to Sources > Search > Search keyword report. The report will include the number of conversions for the selected event.

4. Import the conversions per event report into SE Ranking and monitor your highest converting keywords.

You can export this report as a CSV, then import it into SE Ranking to monitor it closely.