Recommend products to improve conversions

1. Select a theme for your website that allows you to integrate product recommendation features.

If you are using Shopify, scan the theme characteristics to identify if they support product recommendations. You can customize your website in HTML to add the feature separately.

2. Scan your website purchase history for most bought products or services in the past six months, and add a section on the landing page to recommend popular products for your customers.

Use a particular metric for your industry. For example, if you have a news website, the most popular article is the one that has been viewed the most times.

3. Add a widget to your landing page that recommends products with the highest amount of user feedback or reviews.

Create a new section in your website with the title Top-Rated, and add the top 5 top-rated products from a category.

4. Add widgets with Personalized Recommendations for returning customers, to suggest products based on their past purchases.

Use the user data such as IP or their account, to retrieve data on their product preferences.

5. Add a section under the product description to recommend products from the same category on your product page.

Filter products from the same category in the back end of your website and add a condition to the widget to only show one category product.

6. Ask your development team to implement product suggestions using AI and previous customer search history, to recommend new products.

Connect the algorithm with your user data and website data to suggest products that have been viewed in the same session as a suggestion. If you are using Shopify, you can implement an AI algorithm, such as Recommendify.

7. Recommend accessories by filtering from your product category, and place a widget on your Cart page at the bottom or on the right sidebar, to recommend products that complete a purchase ,such as accessories to increase value order.

For example, if your customer is purchasing iPhones, suggest the category of iPhone cases or screen protectors. Create a CTA title such as Mix and Match to grab your customers attention.

8. Create your backend data with multiple filtering options to offer similar products to your user, and display a widget on the Cart page with frequently bought-together products.

For example, if you are selling books, suggest your customer’s books from the same genre.