Promote infographics

1. Add social sharing buttons to the infographic page with tools like ShareThis, AddThis, or WP Social Sharing.

Social sharing buttons make it easy for people to share. The best place for social sharing buttons is usually right above the infographic image.

2. Make the infographic embeddable with a tool like or one from Siege Media or Zazzle Media.

Embedded code enables website visitors to share your infographic on their website or blog. They can be copied and pasted directly into blogging platforms such as WordPress.

3. Link to your infographic in every social media post.

Aim to post between 5 and 20 a day, with one post for each fact or component of your infographic. An application like Coschedule or Buffer can help with scheduling these posts.

4. Post the infographic on Flickr and Instagram in parts ensuring each post links back to the full infographic.

Flickr and Instagram are platforms for sharing visual content. Breaking your infographic down into multiple parts and posting separately increases exposure and the potential to earn links to your infographic.

5. Post your infographic in directories for further exposure.

Directories are websites, blogs, and archives dedicated strictly to compiling and curating infographics. Some of the most well-known directories are: Daily Infographic, Cool Infographics, Infographics Archive,

6. Outreach to relevant blogs and pitch your infographic to be shared on their site.

Pitch a short guest post to relevant blogs in your niche, sharing your infographic or suggest pages on the other site where the infographic could help enhance the content. Use a Google search query: [niche + blogs] for example, Dentist blogs.