Promote a webinar

1. Set target registrants, attendee numbers, and a budget for the webinar promotion.

2. Consider the most effective times to promote the webinar with attention to time zones, holidays, and audience schedules.

Be aware that many viewers live in other time zones that will affect when they can view the promotion.  Check that there are no upcoming holidays that may also interfere with viewing the promotion. Schedule the promotion during the week, in the morning or evening since viewers may be unavailable during normal business hours.  Avoid promoting the webinar on weekends, as many people are busy with personal activities and may be offline.

3. Email webinar promotional invitations out a minimum of seven days prior to the event.

Consider a two-part email strategy by sending out the first email two weeks out from the event, and then a follow-up reminder a week later. In the promotional emails, include the webinar title, date and time of the presentation, an introduction to your company and product, your background in the industry, what the viewer will learn in the webinar, and how to register for the webinar.

4. Promote the webinar on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Prepare and post visual content such as original graphics and teaser videos. Explain the purpose of the webinar, what will be covered, and encourage people to register. On Twitter, create a hashtag to include in the post about the product or service and the upcoming webinar information. Create a Facebook event page to promote the webinar to direct prospective viewers to for more information.

5. Advertise the upcoming webinar on your business website through a blog, banner ad, landing page, or popup.

Include a call to action with a link where attendees can register for the webinar.

6. Consider using paid promotional methods to advertise your upcoming webinar, like event platforms, social media ads, influencers, and retargeting campaigns.

Event platforms like Eventbrite can promote your webinar via social sharing tools.  Research and recruit influencers in your industry to promote the webinar for greater credibility. Conduct a Google search to find leading influencers and observe the influencer in online chats during their videos to familiarize yourself with their promotion strategies. Contact the influencer privately to discuss and negotiate a promotional strategy.

7. If the webinar goes well, consider developing follow-up webinars to create a series.

If viewers love your first webinar, they are likely to watch a second. Viewers will also promote via word of mouth and referrals.