Promote a marketing event

1. Define your event’s target audience. Include nuances and differences compared to your larger brand or product marketing audience.

2. Define the goals for your marketing event. Include attendance and secondary goals like customer conversions, brand loyalty, and donations.

3. Create an event hub page on your website to outline details, benefits of attending, and offer an easy method of registration.

4. Create a promotional plan that begins at least 1-3 months before the date of the event.

5. Set up regular messaging on your owned social media and other digital channels leading up to the event.

6. If budget allows, add paid marketing efforts targeted specifically towards your event audience.

7. Depending on event scope and promotional resources, include an earned media component through local media connections and digital influencers.

8. Review performance of each promotional channel used at least weekly, comparing against event goals and making channel and budget adjustments as needed.