Promote a B2B product on Instagram

1. Set clear, SMART goals for your use of Instagram – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

For example, are you seeking to improve engagement, build a following, increase your perceived expertise or nurture leads.

2. Analyze popular themes and recurring strategies on competitors' Instagram pages.

Mark posts with high audience engagement and identify themes. Themes could include: How-to topics. Conversation starters. Delivery mechanisms like quotes, videos, and infographics. Look at the people interacting with your competitors to understand the target audience, their consumption patterns, likes, and dislikes.

3. Turn text into images and videos with a cohesive color palette using tools like Canva, Piktochart, or Visme.

Convert a how-to article to a how-to-video, or textual listicle to an infographic. Focus on creating industry/product specific helpful resources to attract potential clients.

4. Use original images of your products or services on your Instagram feed.

Take photos from different angles and in different settings. Edit some of the photos to add features, specifications, and other relevant information about the product or service. If you don’t have access to original images, find less commonly used stock images that match the color palette and edit or repurpose them to promote your brand. Repurposing is essential, or your feed will end up looking the same as that of many others. Include geotags, relevant hashtags, and contact information on specific posts.

5. Include a call to action in all promotional posts.

Use something as simple as Visit the website for more details to increase site visits and conversions.

6. Offer promotions and loyalty discounts to customers, partners and influencers to market your product.

7. Share pictures of the team and behind the scene videos of the planning and execution process to build relatability with the audience.

Use natural and unscripted videos to impart a home-made feel and give the audience the impression that they have access to exclusive sneak peeks.

8. Repurpose interesting snippets from your existing content.

Turn quotes from seminars, bits of your promotional videos, overviews of your educational content, or snapshots of products into visual posts.

9. Gather and share success stories from your customers and existing reviews.

Create contests or campaigns to get customers to share their reviews.

10. Use Instagram ads for faster visibility and leads generation.