Prevent cart abandonment with live website views in Shopify

1. Open your Shopify live view from the admin page by clicking Analytics > Live View.

When you open live view, you will see everything your website visitors are doing in real time. This includes how many are active in your store, what products they are viewing, and what has been added to their carts.

2. Look for trends that can help you identify patterns like when a visitor is most likely to abandon their cart.

Perhaps users are most likely to leave your site if they complete two or three searches and do not click on anything. Or maybe if they add several products to their carts and don’t check out within a few minutes, you can assume they will abandon the cart. Use the live view dashboard to see how many active carts exist. These are visitors who added a product to their cart within the last ten minutes.

3. Develop an automated greeting or email to engage with a visitor that is likely to abandon their cart soon.

Send them a message offering them a coupon, reminding them to complete their purchase, or offering to answer any of their questions. The goal is to reengage them before they lose interest and completely abandon the cart.

4. If someone starts to check out but does not complete the process, create another engagement trigger.

There may be a valid reason that the visitor did not complete the checkout process. For example, when someone leaves the checkout screen, send them an automated chat message asking if they need help completing the purchase. If they abandon the website completely, and you have their email address, send them an email that allows them to easily pick up where they left off in the checkout process. Be direct but not pushy – offer them a discount code or other incentive to encourage them to complete the purchase.

5. Analyze the success of your messaging to fine-tune your cart abandonment process - if something is not working, consider adjusting the timing of the messages or the content you send out.

It is necessary to develop messaging that resonates with your target audience and drives action. Fine-tune your message through A/B testing. Consider running an exit-intent survey to ask people why they are not placing an order, to inform your messaging further.