Precheck your Facebook ads

1. Make sure your ad copy meets the requirements of Facebook's advertising policies.

You should be aware of these requirements beforehand, but re-check before publishing. There are several violations that will prevent your ad from going through, and even get your ad account flagged: Unsubstantiated or false claims. Crypto currency, weight loss or fast money schemes. Illnesses or disabilities, race or ethnic backgrounds (discrimination). Before and after images.

2. Proofread your ad copy to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that the ads are following Facebook’s ads policy.

Double check the ad copy for typos as they can be easy to miss.

3. Check that the destination the ad sends the user to, such as the next stage in the funnel, is running well.

If this is a subscription form on a landing page, check that the opt-in form is integrated correctly and that the user information is taken across into your email autoresponder. If it’s a video campaign, make sure the video is running smoothly and that it is open for public viewing.

4. Run through a test purchase if you have a checkout on your funnel or landing page.

Every payment gateway should have a test card that can be used to simulate a successful purchase. Check the payment gateway’s documentation on how to do a test purchase. This is essential to test that purchases appear correctly.

5. Install Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension and check that all pixel events are firing correctly when running through the funnel.

Install Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser. When there is a pixel placed on the website the Facebook pixel helper icon will be colored. If you click on it, it will show the events that fire on that page. Check in the pixel manager that events are coming through properly.

6. In Facebook Ads Manager go to Events Manager under Business Tools. Click on the Test Event tab. Paste the page URL into the Test Browser Events and check if the pixel info is received correctly.

7. Check one last time that your creatives are the right canvas for the placement that you want your ads to show, and that image and video sizes fit the requirements for certain placements for Facebook ads.

This should initially be done in the ad creation phase. At this stage, it’s meant to simply avoid any surprises. You can find the information on Facebook Ads Guidelines.