Plan an influencer video campaign

1. Write down the specific goal of why you want to launch an influencer video campaign and what your expectations are.

For example,”We are launching a new product, and we hope a video of X using it will result in x number of sales.” You will need a method to track and measure progress toward that goal. For example, if conversions are key, you will need a tracking URL or a special discount code linked to the influencer.

2. Allocate a proportional amount from your marketing budget to paying the influencer based on your goals and total marketing budget.

Money isn’t always the only option for payment. For example, you might offer in-kind payment through the gift of products or services.

3. Decide which of your buyer personas will be the focus of your campaign and identify the key platforms your buyers will be on.

For example, Instagram or YouTube.

4. Choose a type of video campaign based on your buyers and the platforms they are on.

For example, a tutorial, an unboxing video, an influencer takeover, etc.

5. Search through your target keywords on your key platforms to establish an initial long list of influencers.

Your keywords should be related to your customers and your products. For example, if you sell hairdryers, your keywords will be related to hair care. All social media platforms have a search area; use it to search for instances where the keyword has been used. Look through the results to draw a long list of influencers that match your requirements. If you’re looking for influencers who blog, then use a tool like Buzzsumo or Ubersuggest to identify top-performing blogs in your niche.

6. Create a shortlist of influencers based on their engagement rate, authenticity, and content.

Investigate to see if the influencers use bots to fake engagement and review their content to check if any of it could be in conflict with your company values.

7. Contact your shortlist of influencers to discuss a partnership and find out their expectations, their rates, and a timeline.

8. Create a contract with an influencer to clarify the campaign.

This will include the deliverables you expect from them, the remuneration you’ve agreed to, and a timeline for completion.