Optimize your website CTAs

1. Make the main CTA visually stand out by using a high-contrast design.

Make sure the main CTA stands out enough so the visitor is drawn to it, even when casually glancing at the page. You can also: Place the main CTA in two different spots above the fold, with varying contrasts against the background. Make other CTAs less prominent to avoid distraction, like log in and sign up. Use a sticky CTA as the user scrolls, still keeping a contrasting color. Ensure that no other CTAs on the page distract from the main CTA.

2. Keep the main CTA sticky as the visitor scrolls down the page.

A sticky CTA remains top of mind for the visitor at all times and is easily accessible when they’re ready to act. You may choose to have the CTA float, like a widget, or be part of the navigation bar.

3. Repeat the main CTA throughout the page, such as in every other section or at the top and bottom.

Repeating the CTA serves as a reminder to the user as they scroll and read other content. When the right content resonates with them, the CTA is right there, increasing the chances of a conversion. Other ways to treat repeat CTAs: Make them identical in appearance and verbiage. Feature a unique appearance but the same verbiage. Design each repeat CTA with both a unique appearance and verbiage.

4. Test different words and phrases for the same CTA.

5. Limit the number of different CTAs on a single page.

6. Use a pop-up modal triggered by exit intent or scroll, and features your main CTA.

7. Move heavy text, images, and other buttons away from your main CTA. Don’t let main CTAs get lost in a sea of content.

8. Keep main CTAs above the fold on all devices.