Optimize your funnel with sales enablement

1. Use tools like Brainshark to create more engaging content to share with your audience.

A global study of 2000 B2B buyers and sellers by Accenture shows that B2B buyers have high expectations for engagement, and ebooks and whitepapers are both effective at driving this. Sales enablement tools like Brainshark allow you to share your ebooks and whitepapers with your audience via an email blast, or use a landing page to get website visitors to enter their email address in exchange for the content to collect more leads.

2. Use tools like Clearslide to access more advanced marketing metrics.

Typical marketing metrics include email open rate, number of downloads, visits, conversion rate, and cost per download. Sales enablement tools like Clearslide give you access to more specific metrics like: Which readers opened the ebooks. Which readers read through which pages. Average time spent reading per page.  These insights can help you identify your most engaged and loyal readers and most likely candidates for becoming future customers, as well as guide you on the length and structure of the ebook. For example, if most people drop off at page 15 of a 50 page eBook, then you likely need to write a shorter ebook or at least add the most interesting or important content in the early pages.

3. A/B test the structure of your ebooks, whitepapers, and lead generation content.

Test different headlines, paragraph lengths, images, and other small but important parts of the content until you find a combination that works best for your specific audience. An easy way to do this is to create two or more different versions of the same content with different designs, structures, and layouts and then test for engagement, leads, and time spent reading each page. Your A/B tests can help you determine which variation of the content works best and optimize for better engagement or conversions.

4. Use tools like Freshdesk to embed contact forms right inside your content.

Some readers could have a question while reading your content and would want to talk to someone from your company right away. Embedding contact forms directly in your content helps make it easier for them to contact you. Another way to use contact forms in content is  to offer readers just a teaser of the overall content by sharing only the first 5 pages of the ebook and asking them to sign up for the full version. Here’s an example of what a functional contact form embedded inside an online presentation for Freshdesk looks like:  Embedding contact forms directly in your content helps make it easier for them to contact you.

5. Use a tool like Clearslide to initiate a live chat from right inside the content.

This works just like it would on any landing page. A reader can initiate the live chat (reactive chat) to ask a question, or the tool can automatically initiate (proactive chat) if the reader spends a certain amount of time browsing the content. You can use the same live chat client you’re already using on your site; ask your web developer to embed the necessary JavaScript into your content.

6. Use tools like Clearslide to build, share, and integrate different kinds of media right inside your content.

Sales enablement tools offer a way to share different kinds of media embedded right inside the content. This reduces friction by eliminating the extra steps involved in users having to leave the content itself to view the media. Here’s an example of what an embedded video looks like in an online presentation: Sales enablement tools allow you to embed media right inside content, which reduces friction by eliminating the extra steps users would otherwise have to take to view the media.