Optimize your Apple Maps listing

1. Log in to mapsconnect.apple.com, then search for your business name and address to claim your business listing. You will need an Apple ID to complete this process.

Apple Maps doesn’t have the reach of competing services like Google Maps, nor does it have a significant impact on your general SEO. However, it’s built into all of Apple’s computers, smartwatches, smartphones, smart home devices, and more. Thus, it can significantly impact your business when an Apple user is searching for your products, services or industry on their phone or computer.

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your identity.

Stay near your business’ landline or mobile phone because Apple delivers a temporary PIN number via phone to finish the verification process.

3. Edit your Apple Maps listing to ensure all of your basic business details are accurate.

Include an accuracy check for your:  Address. Phone number. Business hours.  Unlike Google Maps, Bing Places, and other map services, Apple Maps does not allow you to post temporary hours, holiday hours, or seasonal announcements. If temporary or seasonal changes are part of your business’ operations, create a reminder in your seasonal operations calendar to manually update your Apple Maps listing when your hours or business details change.

4. Add links to your Apple Maps listing of your main business website and your social media accounts.

Apple Maps business listings do not provide as much content as maps listings on competing platforms like Google Maps. Give your prospects and customers easy access to more info by updating your Apple Maps listing with links.

5. Log in to biz.yelp.com/claim to claim your business or add a business listing on Yelp’s platform.

Photos drive conversions because it gives customers a sense of your ambiance or your brand. Unlike most map services, Apple Maps does not allow you to add photos, and Apple does not let your customers leave or read reviews. All photos and reviews instead come from Apple’s partnership with Yelp. Get started by: Visit biz.yelp.com/claim. Type your business’ name. Click your business’ name in the results, or click Add to Yelp For Free if your business isn’t listed. Create an account by entering your business information and email address. Check your email and verify your account.

6. Click Add Photos in your Yelp account’s listing and add images.

Give users helpful clues about your business, your location, and your products or services. Include: Exterior photos to help customers locate you. Photos of specific products or services, such as a restaurant menu or list of spa services. Social proof photos, such as images of awards you’ve won. Aim for: Natural, well-lit photos. Photos that highlight specific things your customers want to know more about. Photos that best represent your brand and your true store experience.

7. Edit your Yelp listing's Amenities and More section to include features and perks that appeal to your target audience.

Apple Maps also doesn’t allow you to list all of your services, features and perks. If you want that critical info included in your Apple Maps listing, you must populate it in Yelp. Apple then pulls your Yelp data and completes your Apple Maps listing. Example amenities to mention: Free parking. Pet friendly. Complimentary internet. Use terms that someone would use in everyday conversation to ensure you show up when an Apple user uses Siri’s voice search. For example, using the term free Wi-Fi instead of complimentary high-speed internet helps you appear when someone asks, Hey Siri, where’s the nearest coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.

8. Invite your customers to leave reviews on your Yelp listing.

Highly reviewed businesses on Yelp are featured higher in Apple Maps results, thus getting you in front of more prospects when they’re using Apple Maps. However, it’s against Yelp’s terms of service to directly solicit customers to leave a review. Instead, invite your customers to find you on Yelp and leave a review. This is allowed in Yelp’s TOS. For instance, you could: Display Yelp’s official decal or sticker on your door or checkout counter. Include a call to action, such as Visit us on Yelp, on your website, menu, or promotional material. Make it easy to find you on Yelp by including links in email confirmations, welcome emails, and social media. Highlight positive reviews through screenshots or text grabs, and promote on social media, email newsletters, and other channels.

9. Use specific keywords and phrases, as identified in your buyer personas or customer journey, in all of your Yelp review responses.

How does your customer refer to the services or products you offer, or the problem you’re solving? Refer to your business’ marketing plan, customer journey, and buyer personas to identify the key services, needs, and keywords that your target audience uses or requires.  Use these key terms and phrases two to three times every time you reply to individual customer reviews on Yelp. This creates more data for Apple Maps’ algorithm, and helps boost your business’ ranking when Apple users search Apple Maps or ask Siri a question.

10. Audit your Apple Maps and Yelp listings regularly as part of your monthly or quarterly business housekeeping operations.