Optimize Taboola/Outbrain campaigns for traffic

1. Enable conversion tracking, data measurement, and traffic optimization by installing both the Outbrain pixel and the Taboola pixel across all pages on your website.

2. Identify KPIs on each platform that would indicate traffic optimization, including built-in Taboola and Outbrain KPIs such as clicks, pages per visit, returning visitors rate, and pages per visit.

3. Ensure your content is optimized for launching across Taboola and Outbrain’s collective networks, including adding a 1000 x 600px thumbnail, a catchy title, and your branding to drive more traffic.

4. Update your campaign with dynamic titles using the ${Keyword:CapitalizationType}$ format, which works on both OutBrain and Taboola and increases clicks from local visitors.

5. Segment your Taboola or Outbrain campaign by device type, location type, and product or content type, which adjusts the performance and targeting metrics on each platform.

6. Increase click volume, which will drive more traffic to your website, by increasing CPC bid, adding more individual content items to your Outbrain or Taboola campaign, or increasing your targeting reach.

7. Review your Outbrain and Taboola campaign performance and block sections of your website or your content that have no conversion. In Outbrain, for example, go to Block Sections > Section Conversions Equals 0 or very high CTR.

8. Review your Outbrain and Taboola campaign performance and identify content pieces that are driving a lot of clicks.

9. Make 6-8 variations of those successful content pieces, each with a different image and headline, and upload them to Outbrain and Taboola.

10. Review the performance for those variations and remove the ones that underperformed the top content piece on each respective platform.