Optimize subcategories appearance

1. Add a left-hand vertical list of categories and subcategories, and a grid view with thumbnails to accommodate different user intentions.

A vertical list streamlines search flow for users with specific search intentions. A grid view showing category and subcategory thumbnails compliment users browsing around.

2. Create a space for special or themed subcategories next to permanent categories to facilitate navigation and save users time.

For example, if lots of people come to your site to purchase Christmas gifts, create a Christmas gifts category populated with seasonal items or popular gifts.

3. Limit subcategories to a maximum of 10 to avoid cluttering and affecting usability.

Ensure your menus and category titles are specific and easy to understand if you need to include more than 10 subcategories.

4. Add subcategories to multiple parent categories when necessary to streamline navigation.

For example, if you sell home products, the subcategory Kitchen towels fits under both the Kitchen and Linens parent categories. Adding subcategories under different parent categories helps users easily find what they’re looking for and avoids them having to switch between different categories.

5. Add an Accessories subcategory to every category that has accessories to avoid cluttering product categories with less relevant items.

For example, if you sell electronics, add Accessories subcategories under parent categories like Computers and TVs instead of one overcrowded Accessories parent category.