Optimize SaaS pricing pages

1. Use simple design, copy, and whole number pricing to create a product page that is easy for readers to skim and understand quickly.

For example, a bolded message stating, Your [Product] is $59 per month, all-inclusive provides a simple, complete message. Limit the number of available pricing plans to just three or four.

2. Work with your web designer to create a pricing layout that presents features in context and helps customers to easily compare different options.

Include as much information as your customers need to make their decision: different product features or key details about inclusions. Format the layout to be easily viewable on different devices and screen sizes.

3. Include a short explanation to help customers understand the differences between plan options, and who might be bested suited to each option.

For example, add Free: best for beginners and Pro: for professionals who rely on advanced features daily to help people choose a plan.

4. Test which pricing plan you should emphasize with your clientele.

Try testing some of these options: Emphasize the pricing plan that suits the majority of your users Price anchor your most expensive plan Emphasize the plan with the least amount of friction by offering a free trial/freemium the middle option: offer an odd number of plans to choose from

5. Include a message that addresses FUDs (fears, uncertainties, doubts), show or link to testimonials or successful case studies, and include an FAQ section right below the pricing plans.

For example, We offer a full, 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

6. Provide different currency options either by including a currency toggle or button, or via IP lookup, to eliminate purchasing friction with global clients.

For example, if you offer a client in Argentina a product in euros, pounds, or Canadian dollars, you’ll cause purchasing friction.

7. Incentivize customers to pay in full, in advance, for long-term plans to generate more lifetime users and a higher cash flow.

For example, highlight your annual plan on the payment page using a bold Recommended tag, or offer a discount compared to a monthly subscription.

8. Create a clear, bold, large call to action button with a message like Join Now, Get Started, or Choose Plan rather than Buy Now, which focuses the buyer on cost.

9. Test and interview your customers to understand how layouts, options, and copy affect how they shop for the products you sell.

Test different tones of voice, having a signup form on the pricing page, and call to action button colors.