Optimize product descriptions

1. Write unique product descriptions that showcase product value.

Avoid copying the manufacturer’s descriptions as they focus more on specifications than sales.

2. Write information-packed descriptions that tell buyers something they didn’t know about your products in every sentence.

Start with the most important information before moving on to the less unique details.

3. Read product reviews to identify the most popular features and include them in product descriptions, repeatedly.

For example, if most customers say your sneakers are comfortable or lightweight, include those terms in the product description.

4. Use tools like SurveyMonkey to survey past customers to determine their pain points and what drives their purchase decisions.

Incorporate their reasons to buy into product descriptions, to make them more persuasive.

5. Use the survey data to address fears, uncertainties, and doubts in your descriptions.

6. Use qualitative analysis to develop buyer personas and write your product descriptions in your target audience’s communication style.

Write descriptions that encompass your customers’ goals, their hesitations and concerns, and their mindset when making a purchase.

7. Add product benefits to your descriptions instead of focusing solely on product specifications and features.

Explain what your products are and how people will benefit from them.

8. Use specific language in product descriptions and back up powerful statements to build credibility and trust.

For example, if you mention that a product won X award 4 years in a row, back up your statements with links to awards and facts.

9. Mention any charities or causes your brand supports in your description.