Optimize Microsoft Ad campaigns

1. Define a campaign goal that supports your overall business and marketing goals.

2. Use both exact match and close variant keywords relevant to your ad, goal, and target audience.

3. Create audience segments based on lifecycle and campaign goals, like early funnel, cart abandoners, and existing customers.

4. Create at least 3 ad variations to allow the platform to self-optimize for performance.

5. Optimize the language in your ads to focus on benefits to the audience, including personalized second-person (you) language.

6. Closely match the content of your ads with the content of the landing page to which they link, including a strong call to learn more or take action.

7. Schedule the timing of ads that will run in different geographic areas to be most relevant to each audience segment.

8. Closely monitor the ads’ Quality Score for audience relevance and performance insights.

9. Adjust your bids based on your audience segments, like higher bids for cart abandoners.

10. Use Microsoft’s ad recommendations feature for insights into potential improvements and suggested new ad variations.