Optimize landing pages like Intellimize

1. Remove clutter and distractions from your landing page to ensure a simple layout with the right amount of text.

Clutter and distractions can risk burying your key message and CTA, causing the visitor to exit your page. Optimizing this will pique your visitor’s interest, so they’re inclined to take the next step and convert. It can also improve your page load time and the visitor’s experience. SumoLogic uses a simple layout that instantly addresses pain points with a visible CTA.

2. Use brand colors to increase brand recognition and grab the users’ attention.

Contrasting colors also increase the effectiveness of your landing pages and are great to use for CTAs, as they grab the visitor’s attention and tell them this is the action they should take. Drift uses a bright color to draw attention to their CTA.

3. Keep content above the fold and optimize your landing page for different devices.

The most important part of your landing page should be visible above the fold, so the user doesn’t have to scroll to find content. A desktop has much more real estate above the fold than a mobile device, so you may have to edit the look and feel of your landing page specifically for mobile and tablets. For example, Tableau immediately states what their product is and invites visitors to try it for free or learn more.

4. Include a strong CTA that is appealing but also straightforward.

Visitors should understand exactly what will happen once they take that next step and convert. For example, Gong has a clear CTA that drives visitors toward taking the next step: requesting a demo.

5. Ensure your landing page is functional with easy-to-digest content, a font of 18px or more, and space between lines.

Website readability takes priority over visual design aspects. Take Clio, they use large text and lots of spacing in between elements on their homepage to make it easy to read.

6. Continually iterate on your landing pages as you optimize them.

See how different tests perform and learn more about your target audience as you go.