Optimize Google Search Ads

1. Create a granular ad group structure to ensure the optimal match between your keywords and ad texts, and increase your CTR.

Use only a few, 1-5, closely related keywords in your ad groups. Create an ad text that is relevant to all the keywords in the ad group.

2. Include your keywords in your ads to make them appear bold and increase your ad's relevance to the user.

Include the keywords in the first headline of the ad, include it in one of the description lines, and include it in the display URL.

3. Use strong CTA's to give the users additional motivation to click the ads.

Use a call to action in one of the three headlines of your ad text. Add a call to action to the end of the second description line. For example, Shop now and save, Download the free trial, and Contact us now.

4. Use psychology and emotions in your ads to make them more appealing to the users and boost your CTR.

Create a sense of urgency or scarcity by stressing limited or exclusive offers, like Offer ends on January 20th; Shop now and save 20%. Appeal to user’s trust and mention the number of happy customers, awards, or certificates. For example, Most trusted software according to, and More than 10000 happy customers and growing every day. Use persuasive language with adjectives and catchy phrases like, Truly unique gift and Modern, impressive design.

5. Provide specific information about the features and benefits of your product or service to make it compelling for the users.

Use the description lines in your ad for this purpose. Add specific info about the service level such as Free shipping, Same day shipping, and Discounts.

6. Test the ads on a daily basis.

Create 3-4 variations of the ad in every ad group. Test one element at a time, for example, a different headline, call to action, and description. Create variations of the winning variations, and pause the poor-performing variations. Make the testing process a part of your daily routine.