Optimize Google search ad campaigns for traffic

1. Define the landing pages and content to which your search ads should link.

2. Improve your on-page SEO, including page load speed and mobile friendliness, which Google considers as an ad optimization factor.

3. Choose long-tail keywords to target based on their relevance to your landing page, cost per click, and competitiveness.

4. Add negative keywords for related search terms that are irrelevant for your brand or product.

5. Create a responsive search ad campaign that self-optimizes for CPC and traffic.

6. Write ad copy that closely matches your landing page and makes a compelling case to visit your website.

7. Use relevant ad extensions that offer additional related opportunities to click.

8. Optimize your bidding strategy for a balance between impression share and CPC.

9. Create multiple ad variations for A/B testing to see which variation drives the most traffic.

10. Review your search ad campaign at least bi-weekly to make adjustments and improve over time.