Optimize Facebook ads daily

1. Click Campaign to review current ad sets.

2. Click Date in the upper right corner and set it to Lifetime. Pause ad sets with spend over $50 and no conversions.

3. Add in new testing ad sets as necessary, based on close variant ad sets.

For example, create a 5% lookalike ad set if the 1% lookalike ad set is doing really well, such as a good number of conversions, or create a 45 day remarketing ad set if the 30 day remarketing ad set is doing really well.

4. Click the Ads tab to review low-performing ads.

Pause any ads with over $50 of spend and no conversions.

5. Create new ads to test.

Create new ads with copy related to well-performing ones, that will increase the chances of getting more conversions. Additional things to test could be changing the URL, changing the CTA button, or swapping out images. Add new ads to all relevant ad sets to make sure the new ad has every opportunity to show.

6. Click Campaign > Breakdown > Delivery to review gender, age, platform, placement & device.

Click Campaign > Ad Set to pause metrics that are not resulting in conversions. For example, if men are converting while women are not, unselect women in the gender section in ad sets.