Optimize email subject lines

1. Review your past email open rate analytics to gain insights from subject lines with high and low open rates.

2. Segment your audience for each email to send only relevant, targeted messaging.

3. Use the voice and words that resonate with your target audience, based on your audience research.

4. Write concise subject lines under 30 characters to optimize for mobile and readability.

5. Make subject lines more intriguing by adding a sense of urgency or mystery.

6. Improve clarity by setting one identifiable and understandable topic or objective per subject line.

7. Add personalization, like the recipient's name, location, or past behaviors, and test this strategy with your audience.

8. Send a test version to yourself to check email deliverability and see what the subject line looks like on multiple devices.

9. Create multiple versions of each email subject line to A/B test one variable at a time.

10. Measure success based on the open rate and iterate on successful subject lines.