Optimize Bing ad campaigns

1. Clearly define the goal of your Bing ad campaign.

2. Review the geographic and interest based characteristics of your target audience.

3. Research and choose keywords that align with your campaign goal and audience characteristics.

4. Create at least 3 ad variations around the same goal and focus to test against each other.

5. Adjust ad copy and design to align closely with the landing page to which they’ll link.

6. Set up ad extensions to provide more in-depth context about your business, brand, or product.

7. Add negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches.

8. Use automated ad rules to dynamically adjust bids, pause individual ads, or receive notifications when admin actions are needed.

9. Use Microsoft’s Competition tab to see how your ads are performing against others focusing on the same keywords and audiences.

10. Review and adjust your Bing ads at least weekly based on their click, conversion, CPC, and CPA performance.