Move a GA Property to another account

1. Click on Admin > Account, Property, or View column > User Management and check that you have the Manage Users and Edit permissions enabled for both the source and destination accounts.

These permissions may already be inherited from another place, such as an administrator or user group. If not, click to toggle them on under the Direct column.

2. Check that the destination account doesn’t already have the maximum amount of properties. If so, either delete properties or increase the maximum amount.

Accounts can have up to 100 properties. If you’re not sure, click Create Property in the destination account and scroll to the bottom to see the number of allowed additional properties.

3. In the source account, click on Admin and select the property to be moved from the dropdown list underneath Property. Click on Property Settings and Move property, then select the account to move it to.

If you have several accounts, use the search box at the top to assist you in locating the right one. Ensure the property you wish to move is not linked to a Google Ads account by clicking on Google Ads Linking in the Property Settings side menu. Choose whether to keep or replace the existing property permissions. If you keep the permissions, they will be copied along with the property and users who have account level access will have property level access in the destination. If you replace the permissions, the property will inherit the permissions from the destination account.  Read the agreement, tick Confirm changes, and click Start move.

4. Check that your property was successfully moved by navigating to your destination account and finding your moved property.

The property you moved should have the same name and tracking ID as it did in the old account.