Monetize your podcast through sponsorship

1. Introduce advertising slots into your show that use affiliate advertising. This allows you to get metrics on user response rates to share with potential sponsors.

There are many affiliate advertising opportunities from Amazon affiliates to AWIN that you can sign up for immediately. Track metrics by sharing a unique link or discount code that your listeners can use when making their purchase, and use the number of sales you make as proof of your audience engagement. You can advertise side projects of your own too. Play the commercial spots promoting the affiliate products or services at the beginning, middle, and end of your episodes.

2. Use big data tools like Affinio to analyze your audience’s interests and find potential sponsors based on the brands, celebrities, media, and websites they most actively follow and engage with.

Sponsors will be interested in data such as: Audience numbers. Age. Gender. Professions. Location. Interests.

3. Only partner with honest, straightforward, and transparent sponsors that offer products and services you believe in.

Partnering with an untrustworthy brand or one that produces low-quality products can damage the trust and credibility you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Check to make sure the company has a proven business model, especially with startups in their early stages.

4. Test out the product, offer, or service, as a customer first to ensure you are comfortable recommending it and that it’s suitable for your podcast.

Sign up for the offer or purchase the product to gauge the overall experience and the potential sponsor offers.

5. Offer personal recommendations based on your experience and avoid working with sponsors who insist on using scripts.

Treat advertisements as content in your podcasts and ask yourself whether they’d fit in or sound unnatural.

6. Maximize revenue by inviting advertiser experts to take part in sponsored content episodes when there is a perfect fit for your show.

Advertisers will typically be willing to pay higher advertising rates for sponsored content episodes or expert and representative interviews.