Mine prospect-generated messages online about your product

1. Create a Google Form to use for data entry, with questions and either spaces for data entry or options to choose.

Click on the + icon to add a new question, enter the question text, and select the answer type. Add these questions with answer types: Paragraph: What exactly did the customer/prospect say? Short answer: What is the main topic of this message? Checkboxes: What aspect of the conversion formula is being addressed in this comment? Choose all that apply. Motivation Value Anxiety Multiple choice: What kind of message is this? Desired Outcome Pain Point/Problem Purchase Prompt Unique benefit/advantage Delightful feature Dealbreaker need Uncertainty Objection Perceived Risk Short answer: Where can this feedback be found?

2. Make a list of search engine keywords related to your brand, competitor brand, or product type.

For example, a pet door manufacturer might use Petdoors.com, Bestpetdoors.com, pet door, productivity apps, and chatbot.

3. Google your brand and product keywords combined with words like reviews, complaints, forums, questions, discussions, and comments.

For example, pet door reviews, pet door complaints, pet door questions, and pet door forums.

4. Search for comments and ratings on popular review sites like Amazon, Yelp, Consumer Reports, Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor.

Include: Industry-specific review sites if relevant. Comments on your social media sites like Facebook pages, Google, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn. Product reviews in your e-commerce store.

5. Submit a form entry for each comment or rating that you find.

In Google Forms: Click on Send. Click on the link icon and copy the URL displayed. Paste it into your browser address field to start filling out the form.

6. Click on Responses and the spreadsheet icon to view submitted messages in a spreadsheet.

7. Sort the spreadsheet by answers to the what type of message is this question.