Mine messages from your sales page visitors

1. Create a new survey on a platform like Google Forms (free), Typeform, or SurveyMonkey.

2. Add an introduction that tells the user how important their input is to you.

Use an introduction with language like: Your input means the world to us. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Your input directly contributes to how we plan future improvements to our products & service.

3. Add survey questions about sales page visitors' purchase intent and reasons to not buy.

Which of these best describes you? I’m considering a [solution type] for the first time; not sure if I need it. I know I need a [solution type]; I’m just looking for the best option. I know the exact [solution] I need. I’m just here to order. Other (click here to type). What do you currently use to [accomplish task or goal]? [list of competing solutions] Other (click here to type). Is there anything you dislike or want to change about how you currently [accomplish task or goal]? Yes; specifically (click here to type). No; I love our current solution. What matters most to you when choosing a [solution type] like [solution]? [list of specific benefits, such as pricing, ease of use] Other (click here to type). Is there anything holding you back from trying [solution] right now? Yes; specifically (click here to type). No; I’m going to (buy/sign up/enroll ) right now!

4. Set up a new popup on your website using a tool like Optinmonster or Sumo.

5. Write copy for the popup that invites visitors to add their feedback. Manage expectations by giving an indication of how many questions you'll ask or how long it will take to complete.

Calling all [product-related identity]! We’re trying to make this website better for [product-related identity] everywhere and would love your input on a few details. We have 5 (very short) questions to ask – would you mind answering them? {Sure, happy to help} {Not interested}

6. Define the sales page URLs on which the popup will appear.

The popup is redundant on other pages, like home or blog post pages.