Measure the AOV of email campaigns

1. Navigate to the reporting tab in your email marketing or ecommerce platform.

Set your reporting to display the total number of sales for the year. If you want to know the AOV for a specific time period, display the sales for that period. For example, if you want to see how the Christmas period affected your AOV, set your display period to be the month of December.

2. In the reporting tab of your platform, switch your metric to revenue.

Set the period to be the same period as your total number of sales. If you previously pulled total sales for the year, do the same for revenue.

3. Divide the total revenue by total orders to get your AOV.

For example, if you generated $1000 in revenue and sold 10 products, your AOV would be $100.

4. To find the AOV on a specific email campaign, view the metrics for the campaign.

Open your email platform, click on the email campaign you are interested in, click the Metrics tab in the campaign results and record the total sales generated by the email, and the total revenue associated with the email. Not all platforms have revenue or sales data available. You may need to set this up in Google Analytics or the analytics application you use.

5. Divide the campaign revenue by the campaign total order number to get your campaign-specific AOV.

For example, if your email campaign generated $5000 in revenue, and the total number of orders from the campaign was 500, you would divide 5000 by 500 and get an AOV of $10.