Measure and report customer retention rate

1. Identify the SaaS customer retention metrics that best fit your product and industry niche.

2. Find industry benchmarks for the retention metrics you identified.

3. Define the period interval on which you want to measure your metrics - usually monthly or yearly.

4. Calculate your basic retention rate using this formula: retention rate = users at end of period / users at start of period

5. Calculate your Net Revenue Retention Rate to account for differences in subscription levels across your users.

6. Use a tool like Tableau to input and visualize your primary and secondary retention metrics.

7. Create visual, time-based charts that show your basic retention rate, net revenue retention rate, and any secondary metrics you’ve identified to track retention, comparing against industry averages where relevant.

8. Create reports at the period interval you identified.

9. Check your reports at least yearly to ensure you are still reporting on the most relevant data and that all inputs and outputs are accurate.