Master sales copy

1. Create a customer persona and describe this person in full detail.

Include a name, how they spend their days, what their key issues are, and so on. Your sales copy will be much better if you write with a specific person in mind

2. Write a compelling headline that communicates a direct benefit in order to capture attention and make your audience want to read further.

For example, Sales Copy: 7 Never-Fail Principles.

3. Describe in two to three lines: what your product is, what your product does, and who your product is for.

Write this information directly under your compelling headline.

4. Include a photo or screenshot of the product to take advantage of the fact that people absorb information from images much faster than text.

Breaking up large sections of text with graphics also helps improve readability.

5. Improve readability by using lower case letters and avoiding exclamation marks.

Use subheadings at least every 2-3 paragraphs, and an appropriate font size: 14px or 16px, with a line height of 24px. Don’t exceed a line width of 600px, and use dark text on a light background.

6. Include as much information about your product as is necessary to provide interested clients with the details they need to make an informed decision.

Readers can skip and skim, but if they have questions or are not convinced, they will not follow through.

7. Try the ‘friend test’ for your copy and look for complex and jargony phrases you wouldn’t use in a conversation with a friend or colleague.

This will help you to avoid complex and unnecessary jargon, and create a communicative relationship with your audience.

8. Test your copy with a small audience for appropriate headline, readability, and amount of information.

For example, hold a test read with other members of your team, and get feedback on these features.