Make developmental edits to content

1. Talk with your marketing team to review the current marketing goals and outline the bigger picture.

For example, your goals might be to create brand awareness, gain visibility, increase sales, and expand business operations.

2. Pick one marketing objective that the content can help achieve and choose the tone accordingly.

For example, if the goal is to increase brand awareness, you need to adopt a tone of voice that is noteworthy. That might be to use humor, be contentious, or radically depart from the tone of the competition.

3. Compare the narrative in the content with the company's voice.

For example, if the company claims to be environmentally responsible, then check that the content revolves around that concept.

4. Highlight the unique selling proposition (USP), or highlight why your brand or product is superior to your competitors in every content piece you publish.

The aim here is to focus on messaging, not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of spelling and grammar.

5. Provide value and ensure you always deliver what you promise.

Whatever content you are producing it must provide value to the reader by: Answering their questions. Moving them towards their goals. Helping them overcome their pain points. Empowering them to complete tasks. It should also deliver on any promises it makes in the title or summary. In other words, if you promise to provide Tips for losing weight you haven’t heard before, it really needs to be original content.

6. Check that the tone of the piece is constant throughout by being in sync with the brand's image and the character.

For example, if it’s meant to be a product review to help the business develop authority, then the tone should be authoritative, and not casual and conversational.

7. Retain the writer's point of view and style, and ask them for context if the content seems incomplete or doesn't make sense.

For example, it could be a part of a three-part series, and concepts that seem incomplete might be covered in the previous articles.