Link your blog posts to Instagram

1. Identify upcoming blog posts you want to promote on Instagram by cross-examining your editorial calendar with your content calendar for Instagram.

Consider trending topics and themes from your blog post content that might be relevant to your Instagram followers. For example, if you have a marketing blog post about How to Drive Sales to an Ecommerce Store and a holiday shopping event is coming up like Black Friday, promote the blog post on Instagram by referencing Black Friday marketing tips.

2. Verify relevant post topics to promote to your IG audience by referencing your analytics to see what types of content your IG followers prefer.

If you have an Instagram business account, go to your Instagram profile, click on the menu in the top corner and select Insights > Content You Shared. Review content you shared and identify the top performing posts or Stories by these metrics: Reach: Which posts or Stories reached the highest number of unique people?  Impressions: Which posts or Stories were seen the most amount of times? Post Interactions: Which posts or Stories received the highest number of likes, comments, saves, or shares? Video Views: Which video posts or Stories received the highest number of views?

3. Determine an appropriate blog promotion frequency for your IG feed by comparing your existing IG posting schedule to your blog posting schedule.

Avoid overwhelming your IG followers with too much content related to your blog. Identify how many blog related feed and Story posts you should post each month versus non-blog related content. Consider an 80/20 mix of content, where only 20% of IG posts and Stories are directly related to blog posts. As you review your IG analytics, if you see that blog post content is receiving higher engagement than other content, consider increasing blog content to 30%.

4. Develop content ideas for promoting your blog via IG feed posts and stories.

Repurpose blog content by leveraging these content ideas to inspire IG viewers to want to read the full blog post:  Related Image: Share an image that visually represents or is relevant to the blog post. Pull Quotes: Share thought leadership quotes from your blog post. Facts & Insights: Create graphics around facts or insights listed in your blog post.   High-Level Concepts: Create short explainer videos or infographics introducing followers to high-level concepts featured in your blog post.  Teaser Videos: Record a short Story teaser that hooks the viewer in with an attractive benefit or piece of information they can learn from your blog post.

5. In your Instagram profile, click Edit Profile > Website field and update the link in your bio consistently to reflect the current blog post URL that you are promoting.

Add updating the Instagram bio as a step to your blog editorial content calendar, to ensure the IG link is always updated. Only the first 150 characters of the link will appear, so consider using a shortening tool like Bitly to make blog links shorter and more visually appealing. To make multiple blog URLs available at one time consider using a freemium third-party tool like Linktree, Later, or

6. Include a CTA in the IG post or Story to encourage IG viewers to read the blog post.

Add a #LinkInBio hashtag to IG post copy and a Link in Bio sticker to Stories. In post copy and videos, instruct viewers to click the link in bio to read the full blog post.

7. Use the Swipe Up feature in Story content to add the URL directly into your IG Stories.

If your profile has 10,000 followers or is a verified business account, when creating a Story related to a blog post, add the blog URL directly to the Story by starting a new Story and clicking the URL icon. Navigate to the + > Story > URL icon.