Link Google Ads to Google Analytics

1. Log into a Google account that has admin level access to the relevant accounts for both Google Analytics and Google Ads.

Open the Admin panel in Google Analytics.

2. Go to Admin > Property Settings > Product Linking > Google Ads Linking to access the Google Ads linking settings.

3. Select the Ad account IDs that you want to link to this Google Analytics account.

You can link multiple Google Ads accounts to one Google Analytics Property. Leave any other unrelated Ad accounts unticked. Click the Continue button. If you do not see the Google Ads account you were expecting, then make sure that you have admin level access to the account.

4. Give the Link Group a title that describes the set of accounts you are linking.

For example, the website name or the agency name that manages the accounts.

5. Switch on linking for every View that you want to receive Google Ads data by clicking the slider button.

In most cases, this will be every View that is in the Property. Examples of Views that you might prefer to leave unlinked are those that do not receive live traffic like Dev views or perhaps Views that correspond to a different site or country hostname that it does not receive traffic from. If you add new Views in the future, be sure to repeat this step to make sure it receives Google Ads data.

6. Tick the Data Sharing checkbox under the Account Settings heading.

This allows Google Analytics to share data with Google Ads.

7. Click the Link Accounts button and then the Done button to complete the process and save the linking setup.