Link Campaign Manager to Google Analytics

1. Navigate to Admin > Property User Management and check whether you have property-level Edit permissions.

Ask your administrator for Edit permissions if you don’t have them.

2. Navigate to Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection and enable both Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features in Google Analytics.

Advertising cookies will be used to create Remarketing Audiences based on specific user’s behavior, demographic, and interest data.

3. Navigate to Admin > User roles and check whether your user role includes the necessary Floodlight access to link to a Campaign Manager advertiser.

Your role needs access to Floodlight configurations, activities, and variables. You can complete the full linking process yourself if your account has full Floodlight access. Send a request link to the Campaign Manager 360 administrator if you don’t have full Floodlight access permissions,.

4. Access your Analytics 360 admin panel, select the property you want to link, click on Google Marketing Platform under Product Linking, click Campaign Manager 360 Linking, and click + New CM360 Link to create the new link.

5. Select either Linkable advertiser(s) or Other advertiser(s) under Campaign Manager 360 Advertiser(s) to link based on your Campaign Manager 360 permissions and click Continue.

Under Linkable advertiser(s) you’ll see a list of advertisers that have not yet been linked, and for which you have the required Campaign Manager 360 permission. If you don’t see any advertisers you can look for them under Other advertisers to send a linking request to a Campaign Manager 360 account owner.

6. Name your new link, select one or more Analytics views to report, configure the optional Advanced settings, and click Create Link(s).

The options under Advanced settings allow you to import Campaign Manager 360 campaign and/or cost data to Google Analytics. Once the process is complete, Campaign Manager 360 reports will appear under the Acquisition reports.