Leverage virtual summit partnerships

1. Send personal thank you notes to your speakers and sponsors after your virtual summit.

For example, you could: Send post cards with hand-written notes. Order customized gifts (e.g. from Etsy) Record a short Thank-You video and share it on the social profile of your speaker or sponsor.

2. Connect people you know would benefit from working together via email or social media.

Another great way to give back is to connect people you know who would benefit from working together. Many people are extremely grateful for this and if you can be a connector, they’ll thank you for it! For example, you could connect people who have an overlapping audience via email and suggest they guest on each other’s podcast or do a webinar together.

3. Support your speakers by promoting their content via social media, sharing it to your email list, talking about it on your podcast, or recording a YouTube video about their content.

It’s quite likely that your speakers are working on great projects that your audience would be interested – so find out what they are and support them in their ventures by sharing their work with your audience.

4. Apply to speak at events or masterminds organized by your speakers or sponsors to build your status and connections.

Being in a room with other influencers and making real-life contact is one of the best ways to build relationships, and speaking at live events or masterminds is very beneficial for your status and connections.  Research if your speakers or sponsors are organizing any events or masterminds that you could give a talk at or present on. You can use platforms like EventBrite, Meetup, or relevant groups on social media to find these events.

5. Invite your speakers and sponsors to co-host webinars with you to further deliver value to your audience.

The speakers and sponsors will appreciate the additional exposure. You can use the webinar to promote their offerings, support a product launch, or to help them establish more authority in the field.

6. Invite speakers and sponsors onto your podcast or blog to expand on the topics they presented on, share more advice, or interview them.

For example, you could: Conduct another audio (or video) interview and let the speaker or sponsor expand on the topic they presented on during their summit session. Conduct a written interview for your blog and ask your guest to share more advice that can help your audience. Have your guest write a guest article for your blog.

7. Set reminders in your CRM to reach out to speakers and sponsors every so often to keep in touch.

Get creative in how you reach out to them and ensure you’re always doing something positive for them, such as by sharing their content or offers.

8. Team up with speakers and sponsors to organize mutually beneficial joint venture projects.

For example, if your speaker has an upcoming product launch relevant to your summit audience, you can help them promote the product launch by creating content tailored specifically around their product and selling their product to your audience.