Keep your branding consistent

1. Describe your target market in a Word document, including basic demographics, business or career, pain points, where they look for help, and the platforms they visit often.

Ask your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to contribute to that document. You want to base this on real data. For example: Aged 45-60 Audience split: 80% male, 20% female Facility Manager/Head of Security Likes to camp Has limited vacation time Uses TV, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

2. Write the message you want to convey to potential customers.

What do you want customers to feel when they interact with your company? What takeaway do you want they to have from experience with your business?

3. Ask your brand designer to document acceptable variations of your logo, typography, and color palette. Use only these variations.

4. Create a content style guide that establishes your brand personality, tone, voice, and buyer persona.

Share your content style guide with every external-facing department, including marketing and sales teams.

5. Ask your design team to create branded templates for presentation materials like reports and proposals, using your content style guide as a reference.

For example, if your brand personality is professional, and your target audience is the head of finance departments, presentations should have a formal style. If your target audience are parents and your brand personality is quirky, presentation materials can be semi-formal to reinforce that.

6. Align all actions - like social media posts - with the guidelines in your design and content style guides.

7. Share style guides with employees to educate them on how to interact with your target market and customers.

Incorporate brand message and style guides in onboarding and training programs.

8. Choose only platforms that align with your brand’s message and target audience’s preferences.

You shouldn’t market through every channel. Ask yourself: Are your customers likely to be on that channel? Should a brand with your message and personality be on that channel?