Increase Twitter followers organically

1. Review or research the demographics and interests of your current and ideal Twitter followers.

2. Define your Twitter account’s value proposition, or the reason your audience should follow you, instead of others in your industry.

3. Optimize your business account profile, like with a branded profile picture and bio, based on your brand and your account’s value proposition.

4. Create a regular Tweet publication schedule that matches your audience’s preferences and behavior.

5. Engage with replies, retweets, direct messages, and mentions your account receives.

6. Research and use Twitter hashtags that are relevant for your brand and industry.

7. Post visual content to make your Tweets more engaging and shareable.

8. Refine your brand voice to match your audience’s and Twitter’s preferred, conversational tone.

9. Promote your Twitter account in other marketing channels like your website and emails.

10. Regularly review your account’s Twitter Analytics to understand which content has led to noticeable increases in organic followers.