Increase the number of repeat orders

1. After a customer makes a purchase, follow up with a special promotion.

You can do this automatically with a good email autoresponder and shopping cart. Wine Library frequently sends wine offers via email to people who have previously bought from it: wine library offer to increase repeat purchases.

2. Encourage customers to follow you on social media, and offer special deals to followers.

Here’s an example from Modcloth’s Facebook page: example of sale marketing on a facebook page.

3. Lock customers in with an incentive to buy only from you.

For example, Amazon Prime customers get free 2-day shipping on their purchases, making it more economical to simply shop on Amazon.

4. Include a coupon in your order confirmation emails.

The open rate for transactional emails like order confirmations, is three times higher than commercial emails. They just completed an order, so they probably won’t buy immediately. A coupon code with an expiry date is a better idea than offering an additional product; you should have offered that immediate buy opportunity as an upsell during the checkout. For example, offer a 10% off your next purchase coupon code, to entice the customer back to your site.

5. Offer customers the option to save their credit card details to make future purchases on your site easier.

Most payment gateways offer this functionality so that you don’t have to store this sensitive information on your site. Amazon makes purchasing easier by saving customers’ credit card details, and offering a 1-click purchase that skips the checkout page completely.

6. Analyze and improve your website's UX to maximize your customers' shopping experience.

7. Look for ways to improve your customer service and support, like offering no-questions-asked returns.

8. Improve your product offerings each year, and let customers who bought the older versions know about the new products.

Many customers will be enticed by the idea of upgrading their product to take advantage of all the latest features.