Increase the average order value

1. Create tags for your products that will allow you to group them by similar characteristics.

For example, if you sell clothes, you might create tags for color, pattern, and dress code. The more tags you add, the easier it is to filter and offer product suggestions.

2. Upsell products that cost 60% or less, of the price of the most expensive item in your customer's cart.

Use tags to automatically find complementary products. For example, if the customer is buying a shirt, your site could offer a tie or socks, because they both cost less than 60% of the shirt price, and are tagged as office wear.

3. Offer quantity discounts where the customer receives substantially more product, for just a bit more money.

Buy more, save more! Vistaprint does this, offering 100 business cards for $16, but 500 cards for $20. example of a quantity discount.

4. Suggest upgrades to better products or add-ons, to entice customers to spend just a bit more money for the better option.

For example, for an extra $150, buyers can increase their phone storage performance from 64 GB to 256 GB.

5. Add product bundles to your product pages, consisting of products that are often bought together.

For example, if you are selling a TV, the product bundle might include an HDMI cord, TV stand, and gaming console. Add a heading like, Other customers also bought…

6. Before customers check out, offer products that are commonly needed with the contents of their cart.

For example, if they’re buying a flashlight, they’ll probably need batteries, and might appreciate the reminder to add these to their cart before finalizing their purchase. One interesting thing you can do, is to tell someone not to buy the complementary product if they don’t need it. This can reduce friction.

7. If the item is a subscription, offer discounts for signing up for a longer period.

GetResponse lures with a 18% annual discount.

8. Include any product-specific add-on services on the checkout page.

For example, home installation for a dryer or computer setup and personalization.

9. Use pop-ups before the checkout page to offer customers an extended warranty for their purchase.

10. Include expedited delivery options for an extra cost.