Increase SaaS customer retention

1. Calculate metrics that will help you to measure, track, and analyze customer retention.

Calculate your base customer retention rate, net revenue retention rate, customer churn rate, monthly returning revenue churn, and customer lifetime value. Compare these to industry benchmarks to understand how you’re doing compared to competitors.

2. Segment your customers and personalize content and UX to each.

Collect attributes for your customers, segment them by natural groupings like product usage or organization size, track customer retention metrics for each segment, and create personalized content for each.

3. Measure, track, and report your customer retention rate regularly.

Make sure people understand how your company is performing over time and against industry trends.

4. Talk to customers about the product and their experiences with it.

Interview existing customers to find out about the problem they were trying to solve, the reasons they chose your product, and what difference your product has made to their situation.

5. Set up customer feedback loops that continually harvest information about what your customers do and don’t like.

Automate customer surveys, add interactive surveys and live chat to your product, and survey specific segments for detailed information. Integrate customer support.

6. Put together a customer retention strategy that addresses the problems you’ve identified.

Use the information you gathered to improve your site, product, and offers. Work to build customer relationships and loyalty.

7. Improve your onboarding process to help new users get familiar with the product, without overwhelming them with detail.

Create an onboarding experience that’s customized to your users and gets them to the point of being able to confidently make your product useful in their lives.

8. Set up a product help area to offer quick answers to common questions your users might have.

Find out which problems and queries your customers are most likely to come to customer support with, and provide answers in the product help area. Make sure these answers are easy to find and simple for people to follow.