Increase LinkedIn followers

1. Create a clear value proposition for your LinkedIn page that matches your target audience interests and pain points, and separates you from your competitors.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn page for both network-internal and external SEO, like adding an on-brand banner image and including keywords in on-page copy.

3. Work with your employees to properly link their work experience to your page and engage with your content when appropriate.

4. Link to your LinkedIn page in other marketing channels, like your website and your teams’ email signatures.

5. Create a content calendar for regular updates that match audience interests, needs, and ideal engagement times.

6. Increase your presence in industry-relevant LinkedIn groups in an authentic, credible way.

7. Coordinate with influencers and other brands in your space to share and engage with each other’s content.

8. Actively engage with comments and direct messages on LinkedIn from your target audience.

9. Create a LinkedIn follower ad campaign targeted to recent web visitors or users that match your buyer personas.

10. Review your LinkedIn analytics at least monthly to understand which content and effort has generated the most followers, and gain further insights about your audience.