Increase form conversions

1. Reduce the number of fields in your forms.

ImageScape reduced their number of form fields from 11 to 4, and experienced an increase of 160% in forms submitted, and a 120% increase in their conversion rate.

2. Use single column signup forms.

An eye tracking study by Cxpartners showed that single column forms work better.

3. Test Mad Libs style forms. increased their conversion across the board by 25-40%, by using Mad Libs style forms.

4. Use popup sign-up forms.

Popup forms are known to boost email subscriptions, but Visual Website Optimizer got 50% more signups thanks to a popup sign-up form.

5. Change the color of your buttons to red.

Performable changed the color of their buttons from green to red, and saw a 21% increase in conversions.

6. Change the wording of your call to action button.

TextMagic changed their button text from Buy SMS Credits to View SMS Prices and saw a 37.6 improvement in conversions.

7. Increase the size of your call to action button.

SAP BusinessObjects turned their regular blue link into a big button, and improved conversions by 32.5%.