Increase conversions with social proof

1. Add proofs to your homepage, like the logos of current big-name customers or partnerships with industry leaders.

For example, a tech company might partner with Microsoft or Citrix to provide cloud solutions to its clients. Adding proof to the home page contributed a lot to the 400% boost in’s conversion rate.

2. Use a guarantee security seal that gives your customers peace of mind about a potential purchase. increased its conversions by 7.6% by employing a seal that shows it guarantees the delivery of purchases up to $500, offers up to $10,000 of protection if a consumer’s identity is stolen via the site, and ensures that if the retailer drops the price they will pay the difference up to $100.

3. Include testimonials from happy customers in text or video format.

WikiJob added testimonials to its site and improved its conversion rate by 34%.

4. Allow reviews on your site so that customers can add their opinions of your products or services.

Figleaves improved its conversion rate by more than 35% by adding reviews to the website.

5. Put a trust seal on the site to reassure customers that their information and payment details are safe. increased sales by 8.83% after adding the Hacker Safe seal to the site.

6. Focus your copy on expressing your credibility factors.

An American Express travel representative got 48% more phone calls after testing a credibility focused version of its banner.