Increase conversions on your product pages

1. Ask your development team to include a live chat pop-up on the product page, to connect wavering customers with the support team.

Program the bot to start a conversation and then link to Facebook Messenger to continue with a real person. Create a starting message to trigger when users are on the product page. For example, you can add the opening text to say, “I see you are looking for this product. Do you have any questions I can help you with?”

2. Test headline placements to increase your page's impact.

Create 3 variations of the product page to include the same text, and position the headline on the left, center, and right of the page. Run A/B/C tests and identify which headline placement had more conversions. Implement that headline placement on your product pages.

3. Use red on your call to action buttons to invoke a sense of urgency.

For example, make the CTA button red and use a contrasting color for the CTA text.

4. Place CTA buttons on the left side of the screen, increase button sizing, and test variations on your CTA text.

For example, you could find out whether customers responded better to Buy SMS Credits or View SMS Prices.

5. Use a bulleted list to outline product benefits and highlight the section using a red heading.

Unionen tested mentioning benefits in a bullet point list vs paragraph of text. Bullet points resulted in a 15.9% improvement.

6. Add testimonials, badges, and security seals to your product page to improve credibility.

Place positive user testimonials under product images. Use security seals like Hacker Safe or guarantee seals, that assure customers that their deliveries are insured. WikiJob added testimonials to their site and improved their conversion rate by 34%.

7. Add images and videos that include real people using or wearing the product, as well as photos of the product from different angles.

8. Test 3-4 different thumbnails to use with your videos.

Designate a small audience segment to use for testing variations. Identify the best performing video thumbnail and include it on your main product page.

9. Include product images in your site's search box to provide visual cues.