Increase conversions on landing pages

1. Turn your landing page into a start page with your value proposition in the headline and, if appropriate, a lead magnet.

2. Create custom start pages for common sources including social media platforms, guest post spots, and blog comments.

For example, you could create different pages for people who arrived from LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing for the probable difference in focus – business or leisure. If you frequently comment on other blogs featuring specific topics, create a page that combines information from your site that readers of those blogs might be interested in.

3. Adjust your landing pages to mirror your brand value and capture people's email addresses by offering a gift like an ebook in exchange for their email address.

4. Add a clear call to action, timer, and promise to your email signup confirmation page to encourage new subscribers to confirm their subscription to your mailing list.

For example, the consequences of confirming their subscription to your mailing list might be that they get access to a lot of free content, so you could add, You’ll soon access some of my best material.

5. Add a widget at the bottom of your Thank-you page to upsell products similar to the one your customer just purchased.

You can offer a discount for referring friends, or ask them to answer a couple of questions. For example, if they bought a course on Instagram, you could offer them a discount or affiliate link to a social scheduling platform. You could also offer a cashback on the Instagram course for every person they sign up.

6. Modify your email list unsubscribe page to offer alternatives to fully unsubscribing, like allowing users to receive fewer emails.

7. Add personal information to your email signature and link to a custom start page designed specifically for people you communicate with via email.