Increase conversions by adjusting your CTAs

1. Use red on your CTA backgrounds and buttons to invoke a sense of urgency.

BMI, a leading UK airline, increased their conversion rate by 2.5 percent by adding a red background behind their message Hurry! Only XX seats left. Performable changed its CTA button from green to red and got a 21% increase in conversions.

2. Change the wording on your CTA buttons to accurately reflect the user's next action.

TextMagic changed their button text from Buy SMS Credits to View SMS Prices, and saw a 37.6% improvement in conversions.

3. Place the call to action with a price, within the content area.

Nature Air added a contextual call to action within their content and witnessed a whopping 591% increase in conversions, from 3% to 19%. Easy-to-find and clear calls to action do work.

4. Use concrete actions in your calls to action, not just information.

For example, Follow me on Twitter rather than, I’m on Twitter. Dustin Curtis got 173% more clickthroughs for his Twitter link after using a stronger command to invite followers.

5. Place your CTAs on the left if your website is in a language like English, that uses a left-to-right script.

Less Accounting test showed that a layout with calls-to-action on the left hand side worked better than a reverse layout.

6. Make your CTA buttons larger, or convert text links to buttons.

SAP BusinessObjects turned their regular blue link into a big button, and improved conversions by 32.5%.

7. Suit CTAs to the page's position in your sales funnel.

Don’t try to sell too quickly as this can end up putting people off. One company removed the sign-up call to action from the top of the homepage, and sign-ups increased 350%.

8. If you're offering something free, make sure your CTA reflects that.

Email marketing software GetResponse displayed a “Free trial” button instead of “Buy now”, and increased trial signups by 158% while not decreasing paid signups.